High Point House: Kids’ Guestroom


The High Point House has five bedrooms, including the master suite, so that meant plenty of room for guests!  Bringing a Mid-Century style to life while still keeping things fun and inviting wasn’t too difficult with the help of a bright and trendy color scheme. We geared the look toward something kids would love, but it easily lends itself to grown-ups, too!


The room was looking pretty tired before the make-over, and the non-descript paint color (somewhere between gray and green) just wasn’t cutting it. The dated window treatments also made the room feel small by limiting the light and breaking up that wall with heavy curtains. The carpet needed a refresher too, though most of this was easy to fix!


Contemporary and retro styles meet in the middle in this fun and funky bedroom. The marine green writing desk and matching end tables anchor the space with eye-catching pops of color. They also sport sleek and simple contours and tapered, natural oak finish legs—bringing that Mid-Century look into the 21st century. To keep things playful, we chose the complementary color, coral, to balance out the color scheme. The effect is lighthearted and bright.

For bedding, we went with this rather understated geometric bedspread. Gray, white, and just a touch of robin’s egg blue, the colors were perfect—simultaneously recalling all the gray throughout the room as well as referencing that lovely blue color.

In order to not overwhelm the room, we couldn’t bring in too many other saturated colors or complicated patterns. We stuck with a light gray backdrop for the wall and carpeting, which not only kept the design airy, but added that refined, “grown-up” element.

Now, those metal farmhouse-inspired twin beds may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mid-Century, but they totally work! The key is the shiny chrome finish, which gives the beds a modern look that references trends from the space-age era. The chrome metal beds also come together with the retro pieces to create an eclectic feel that’s a little unexpected but completely works. We added a few metallic accents here and there—like the convenient silver mirror above the writing desk and the bedside lamps—which tied the overall outcome together and gave the space that polished look.

This guestroom turned out absolutely adorable; what do you think?

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