The High Point House: Living Room


Welcome to the High Point House once again, and for this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the living room renovation. With a wall of windows, bright colors and an unassuming design, this room has tons of personality and an inviting style.


When we began, the space had some amazing bones; between the massive windows and the stunning ceiling beams, we knew it was a real diamond in the rough!


Unfortunately, even though the space was so light and bright, the ceiling’s angle and the beams’ dark wood finish made the ceiling seem low and limited the open feel of the room. The walls were also a little mismatched, between the painted wood paneling and the brown brick. According to our grand plan of a large and lovely great room, we ended up taking out the walls that cut off this space from the rest of the home.


Next, we painted the ceiling beams and brick wall a clean and fresh, like the rest of the great room. This not only establishes an easy flow, but it lightened the ceiling, making it feel less claustrophobic and higher. The brick wall no longer clashes with the room, but still offers a subtle texture that adds a layer of character to the space.

For the main furniture pieces, we went with a matching sofa and loveseat, sporting Mid Century style elements like natural oak accents and sleek contours. The royal blue upholstery helps to anchor a space that’s otherwise light and without contrast.




The industrial inspired media stand and book shelves look great against the brick wall, but they also add a casual sense and modernize the whole design, blending retro and contemporary styles. As for throw pillows, blankets, and decorative objects adorning shelves, we carefully chose simple, geometric shapes that were solid in color and played on the idea of a primary color scheme with a little variation. Placed strategically in the room, these objects really pop and help your eye move around the space, creating a unified and lively visual story.

With so many colors in the design, it’s important to keep your area rug purposefully neutral. If we pulled that lovely chartreuse or burnt orange into the rug, we may run the risk of overwhelming the room and distracting from the overall harmony. The gray and white chevron/diamond rug is subtle, but not boring. It also ties in the gray walls while the pattern speaks to the Mid Century vibe!

Let’s turn our attention to these awesome accent chairs for a moment. Their light blue upholstery seems pretty neutral compared to the their royal blue sofa and loveseat counterparts, but they balance the flow of the space; had they been a bright color or even matched the other pieces, the space would feel heavy and clunky.


If your’e facing the rest of the great room, you can see across the entire space, but the support beams provide a sense of separation without closing anything off. They also add to the modern industrial element that runs throughout the house in both the décor and architecture.


This final shot shows this beautiful space in nighttime lighting—it’s totally inviting and ready for a gathering of friends and family!

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