High Point House: Sitting Room


Since we really wanted to emphasize the entertainment and social spaces of this home, we decided to render this cozy nook into a semi-open sitting room. It’s perfect for small group chats while still being a part of the larger kitchen/dining/living space. The area’s design is simple and straightforward, but since sitting rooms are traditionally considered a little more formal than other social spaces in a home, we wanted to ensure this area was casual and inviting.


Because the space is small, we had to be careful how much color we used, and how many pieces of furniture we chose to include. Even with only three walls and a large window, it would be easy for this room to feel crowded. We relied on the unique choice of four chairs upholstered in different colors to create a sense of variety without overwhelming the design. The different colors give the room an eclectic vibe that’s casual—not too stiff or formal. When choosing contrasting colors in a small room like this, it’s important that they don’t clash or distract from one another, and in their variety, go together with a sense of harmony.


The original, abstract art pulls together all the colors within the room while simultaneously exuding a soft and calm air, providing a slight contrast to the subtle geometric patterns around the room. Colorful throw pillows add comfort and also help the varying hues relate to one another without mismatching. We chose a light and bright white cocktail table that was simple in design. Anything dark or too vibrant might unbalance the space, create too much weight and ultimately make everything feel small. In terms of accessories, we went with fun colors that reflect the room and interesting pieces that achieve a lighthearted playfulness. A small gray area rug is just the thing complete this lovely sitting room, adding just enough visual interest to tie in the vase and pillow’s white patterning.


And here’s a look at the cozy sitting room at night, just waiting for group chats and mingling!

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