High Point House: Dining Space


In many great rooms, the dining area is usually just an extension of the kitchen, and while this is true at the High Point House, the dining space also connects to all the other entertaining spaces in the home, making it far more than just a place to have a meal! The space is also quite large and can host close to twenty people, if not more. We really wanted this area to be communal and central to the action. It’s easy to interact with people in the kitchen, living room, sitting room and even rec room. This house was really designed for hosting and entertaining!


When we began, the space already lent itself pretty well to a great room style kitchen/dining space, and we could see the potential! Of course, there were some big changes to be had, including moving the kitchen.



Before renovations, this large space felt a little closed off, the flow wasn’t offering much and we wanted to expand the room as much as possible.




The new space takes full advantage of the open space and layout, seamlessly flowing from the kitchen and into other rooms of the house.

Because we wanted to seat as many people as possible, we actually chose two matching dining tables that can seat up to twelve. The space is definitely large enough to host two tables without feeling claustrophobic. If needed, it easy to push them together as one table—which is convenient for holidays and more formal occasions. As of now, the two tables help give the space a fun and casual vibe.


With an over-sized island, we were able to fit five counter-height chairs, offering even more seating.

In addition, with an extra wet bar and counter space below the mounted TV, we were able to offer a ton of serving space for hosting as well as convenient gathering spots to set down drinks and mingle before dinner.


Another thing we love about our dining table choice is the way the table tops mimic the unique look of the wood floors. The texture really carries the clean, simple and casual vibe of the space. To add a little visual interest and layering, we made sure the wood grain of the tables were going in the opposite direction of the floor. This helps the tables stand out and show off their style a bit more!


As for accessories, we went with the same philosophy as the kitchen—natural, simple, elegant, and no extra frills or flowers! The splashes of green offer a wonder contrast between the wood and metals that brightly colored flowers would only detract from. Plus, if we had too many decorative object strewn about, they may get in the way of dining and entertaining, especially with large groups.


So, what do you think of the dining space? How would you put your personal touch on it?

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