High Point House: The Kitchen


The High Point House Kitchen may just be our favorite space in this home. The transformation is breathtaking and our designers have expertly merged old and new styles for a beautiful result. Adhering to the Mid Century Modern prescription, Everything is clean, bright, sleek and simple. However, we certainly did not overlook contemporary convenience and flow when we set about redesigning this space. Suited for modern life, this room is open and communal, perfect for entertaining and everyday living! So, how did we do it?


For starters, the old kitchen began as quite the feat to surmount! It was closed off and out of the way within the floor plan. It also let in less natural light than we would have liked for a space that should be bright and inviting. And, of course, the wood paneling strikes again. With all the darker wood finishes and the dated white cabinets and counters, the kitchen felt like it was fighting against itself and the look was very disjointed.


It’s narrow layout made easy flow and cooking space limited, and directed you more towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms rather than the living and entertaining area.


We ended up moving the entire kitchen to the other end of the space in order to update the flow and create a modern, open concept layout. This new kitchen set-up now takes advantage of the home’s architecture and natural light sources.


In terms of colors and textures, we kept things simple, but nonetheless stunning. The counters and cabinets exhibit a balance white and charcoal gray—sleek colors that are simultaneously contemporary and recall the futuristic vibes of the 50’s and 60’s. The polished and reflective surfaces, the touches of stainless steel and glass—all come together to create an airy and subtle look that’s high style yet totally livable.

To add a little variety and anchor the design, we chose to alternate the cabinet colors instead of opting for all white or gray. This decision adds visual interest to the space and helps to define the island, wet bar and kitchen areas in a room that’s completely open. To tie in the different colors, we went with dark counter-tops when the cabinets where white and light tops when the cabinets were dark. There’s a sense of balance and seamless flow in the kitchen that we absolutely love!


The wood floor we chose is a beautiful contrast to the angular and clean lines that make up most of the kitchen and eat-in area. It’s soft hue and multiple tones actually recalls the vintage paneling we took down; of course wood looks far better on the floor in most cases! The natural looking finish and medium tone coincides perfectly with that Mid Century vibe we’re going for without being out of place amidst contemporary finishes and modern colors.


When choosing accessories, we embraced the philosophy that less is more! Especially when dealing with a sleek and simple design. Whatever decorative item you choose, it’s important to remember not to let them distract from your space; stunning simplicity speaks for itself and Mid Century style trends cut out all the extra frills. We chose a few strategically placed vases, bringing in just enough color to contrast with all the surrounding neutrals. For botanicals, forgo the fancy flowers and go with unadorned green palms and succulents. They’re elegant and subtle. As a last touch, the rest of our kitchen accessories were mostly complied of natural wood dishes and bowls. This carries the lovely texture of the floors throughout the space and warms up the counter tops a bit.


What do you think of our gorgeous Mid Century kitchen make over at the High Point House? How would you add your personal touch?


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