High Point House: Recreation Room


This may be the coolest room in the High Point house! We are so excited about how the Recreation Room turned out—it was quite a transformation. One the great things about this particular space is all the natural light that streams in thanks to the wall of windows. It really brings a sense of the outdoors in, which is perfect for a fun and casual space to come and relax. While the renovation may look like a lot, when it was all said and done, the steps to get to this wonderful end result were pretty simple.


When we started with this space, it was as outdated as the rest of the house, but had great bones, so we had to make it into something special. There was a lot of room to work with, and the light and windows made everything seem airy and bright. The brick and exposed ceiling rafters that can be seen throughout the house also added some interesting character; it just needed a major update.


As for the excessive wood paneling—even though this feature was quintessentially Mid Century—we decided to skip that design trend altogether. The dingy dark brown trim and dated curtains encroached on the room’s openness, but those were easy fixes.


We went with a light and fresh gray that immediately updated the whole space. We opted for no replacement curtains: no need to hide those gorgeous windows! Since we wanted to center this room around a pool table, we chose minimal, yet functional, furnishing. Two small, bar-height tables and a couple bar stools each did the trick. It’s a super convenient area to sit with drinks and snacks. We also added a bookshelf for extra storage. Because of the casual atmosphere, we chose a modern and industrial style instead of pieces that might be considered a little more Mid Century. Metal and natural finishes are absolutely timeless and flow seamlessly with the retro air of the house.


At the other end of the room, we have another seating area that’s a bit more formal. It’s right next to the open entry to the main great room, which makes for a nice transition. It also make use of a wall that would otherwise be dead space.


Choosing wall art was a big decision for this room. Without it, there wasn’t much color and the space was a little too blank. However, we went big and bold and it paid off! In step with the retro-revive, the paintings are abstract. But, instead of going geometric with striking lines and shapes, we took a more organic approach. The art has vibrant colors, and save for one, the shapes are flowing and airy, which softens the industrial elements of the space. The only geometric piece we chose is still soft and undefined to an extent, creating a nice contrast with the others while still relating visually.  We love how the paintings pick up the colors of the pool table balls and the few accessories decorating the bookshelf. The amount of color is on point!


Overall, the room definitely achieved its goal! It’s fun, casual, and yet airy and elegant enough to fit with the rest of the High Point house, and it’s the perfect blend of modern and Mid Century styles!

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