High Point House: Master Suite


In keeping with the spirit of the house we went with transitional furniture, adding a solid Mid Century vibe. What’s unique and a little daring about this design is the light and dark contrast. To achieve a fresh, retro inspired style without looking too dated, it’s important to use contemporary design sensibility alongside those vintage elements.


As you can see, the original space was quite dated for the most part. The carpet needed to go, the curtains were dated, and the walls sported a strange shade of minty-blue. The room did have generous windows that flooded the space with natural light, which is a huge plus. Other than that, it wasn’t much of a master suite, especially with the very out-of-date rose-pink bathroom…



So, how exactly did we achieve the end design? Most of the rooms in this house are pretty standard without a whole lot of natural character compared to the exterior and the great room. However, that didn’t stop us from making a beautiful space and emphasizing some neat design elements in the space. For example, we painted the brick wall behind the bed a subtle gray to update the look while creating a soft contrast with the sloped ceiling.


Matching bedroom sets were quite a popular furnishing solution for bedrooms, and still have their place today. But, if you want a truly personalized and eye-catching design, consider mixing in different finishes and colors. The key is to create a sense of balance; too many pieces that are bulky or dark will close in that light and airy feel. Because the bed is already the focal point of any bedroom, by choosing a large, rich espresso finished frame, we gave that piece a lot of visual weight but kept other pieces neutral and bright. If we chose dark colors for the chair, end tables or accent tables, the extra visual weight would have disrupted the flow of the entire space.


Another lovely element in the master suite is the little sitting area we create by the windows! It completes the space and makes the room feel a bit more grand. The chair is a modern take on a classic design, and the simple, softened contours complement our Mid Century theme. We chose a smaller accent table with a sleek and shiny look that recalls the silver lamps atop the nightstands. Add a white porcelain vase and matching dish (both sporting retro geometric patterns) and the sitting nook comes together beautifully!



And that’s all there’s to it! Besides the actual renovation work, this make-over wasn’t too complicated. The important thing to remember is not to get carried away. Less is more, especially with a Mid Century design in mind. If you over think it, it’s easy to make the space feel like it’s being pulled in too many directions at once. Contrast, neutrals and sleek and simple are the major design elements you need to think about for this Mid Century contemporary master suite.




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