Tips and Tricks for Styling a Mid Century Sectional Group


Pros of a Sectional Group

When decorating you Mid Century living space, you may or may not think to choose a sleek and simple sectional. A sofa and love seat set is usually the natural tendency, but depending on your space, a sectional may be the perfect fit. Here are some great pros:

1. Plenty of Seating 

Sectionals are known for plenty of versatile and comfortable seating, so if your like to entertain, you can instantly make your living room the center of your home!

2. They’re not as big as you might think! 

Sectionals can bring to mind big, bulky pieces of furniture that are meant for the man cave, or a finished basement. However, this isn’t always the case, especially when your talking about Mid Century designs, which are consistently light, low and petite. You can totally achieve an elegant and understated look with the right sectional group.

3. Re-arrange for your unique space or whatever occasion you’re hosing! 

This is probably the best part of owning a sectional group. Because the pieces are movable, it’s easy to re-arrange your seating to fit the exact needs of your space. Some of the pieces can even act as a convenient, stand-alone chair. Having freedom like this means you can even move around your living room set up whenever you’re expecting a large group of guests, whether the occasion be game night, or a holiday.


Now that we’ve got some of the basics covered, how do you create a space that centers around an eye-catching sectional? First, allow your sectional choice to dictate the flow and design of the room. This specific Mid Century Living design pictured here combines a sense of elegance with a casual, inviting air. In a cool blue upholstery, the tone is neutral, but still has a little personality. An array of throw pillows and other accessories will match the color, so customizing your look is easy. To complete a retro look, add subtle geometric patterns and textured fabrics in warm beige, rust, olive and navy. Other elements, like hanging woven lights or rustic metal wall art, will introduce a variety of textures, creating visual interest and depth.

Styling Choices

Modern & Urban


If you want a look that’s less Mid Century and more modern, that’s easily and beautifully done! This Mid Century sofa is adaptable to contemporary designs schemes, and you can achieve an urban, understated look in lieu of something completely retro. A gray scale color palette is a natural place to start because it automatically sets a clean, modern vibe. Instead of using colorful accent pieces, try light gray and white accessories with simple patterns. Nature inspired pieces, like a ceramic shell or an indoor plant help to give the space a contemporary air instead of a Mid Century feel.

Eclectic & Bohemian


If you still want something fun and colorful, but a design that’s totally vintage or clean and modern isn’t for you, consider an eclectic, rustic style. You’ll be able to achieve a contemporary feel, but you can skip the formality of a modern, minimalist look. The key is to soften the angular contours of the sectional with opposing textures that aren’t so clean cut. For example, the rustic, natural wood grain chest of drawers pictured above offsets the simple design of the sofa. In addition, the layered rugs are textured, fun and casual. Plus, they do wonders to tie the entire space together. Not only does the tribal print rug include the same maroon, yellow and navy tones of the room, the pattern is free-spirited, bringing a touch of bohemian style.


Playful throw pillows introduce relevant, but varying patterns and colors, throwing a fun eclectic element into the mix. Lastly, get creative with accessories. You can use them to emphasize different elements throughout the space. A wooden dish will reference the weathered chest of drawers and tan woven rug, while lemon yellow vases and a vivid, abstract painting will promote the bright accent colors around the room.


The sectional group is stylish, versatile and an effective choice for your living space! The great thing about a Mid Century inspired design is that you don’t have to stick with a totally retro vibe. Feel free to mix in bohemian or urban elements to suit your perfect style. Whether you tailor your sectional to the size and shape of your room, or add décor and accessories that express your personality, it’s so easy to create a look that’s all your own.


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