Mid Century Decorating 101: Part III


In the third and final part of Mid Century Decorating 101, we’ll be looking at how to transform your bedroom into a trendy, vintage haven!

A Vintage Inspired Bedroom

1915n-13abed1915n-43a1915n-153a1915n-103a10915n-143a_ls1Putting together a Mid Century style bedroom can give you quite a few creative options. You can customize a vintage look to fit your personality! The natural wood finishes are conducive to pretty much any color scheme you can dream up, so feel free to go modern and trendy, or authentic and retro with your palette. You’ll be able to seamlessly fuse contemporary touches with an old school vibe for a comfortable and stylish room that’s entirely you.


If you want to go completely authentic, picking a matching bedroom set can really hit it out of the park! Whether you favor a light oak wood finish or the darker walnut finish counter-part, both provide a light and understated look that won’t overwhelm the room. If you want a style that’s more of a retro-contemporary crossover, mix in modern accent pieces and allow your bigger furniture pieces–like the bed–make the vintage statement.


1915-13a-_wb2_jun-06-2016Choosing the right bed is important because the essential piece of furniture is an anchor for the whole space. Once you have an anchor piece, it’s easy to mix in other elements. This neat and tidy natural oak bed is a great focal point. It clearly represents the beautiful vintage design scheme while still versatile enough to be paired with bright bedding. The complete oak bedroom set offers a very refined sense, but a warm playfulness is brought out through colors and fabrics.

Reading Nook

1915-93a_ls1_jun-03-2016This reading/sitting area is a great example of old meets new! The light oak dresser carries a definite Mid Century flair while the white accent chair to the left is neutral and modern. Together, they create a livable and fresh vintage inspired design that doesn’t feel too dated. Choose a few accessories in y our favorite hues that vary in size and color to customize your style and achieve that polished look.


e333a-mg3a_ls1mcl_sep-14-2016If you love the Mid Century look but want some quirk and eclectic flair, check out a colorfully lacquered nightstand in place of the matching oak nightstand. It’s a fun, modern twist on the classic design. Plus, you can emphasize your accent color and give your bedroom a lighthearted feel.


It’s about the little things, especially when it comes to the details of your Mid Century bedroom! While picking  the perfect bed and bedroom set will set the foundations for a beautiful style, it’s the thoughtfully chosen decorations that will truly bring your vision to life.

Vintage Clock

clockMix in vintage or vintage-inspired accessories to give interest and depth to your design. A charming alarm clock is just the thing for your bedside table. This little guy has a ton of personality! You can also add lacquered or plastic vases and candle holders as these materials were new and popular during the 50s and 60s. Be sure to pick items that represent your personal style!

Throw Pillows

throw-pillowsDelve into some retro inspired patterns! Bold geometric shapes and textured fabrics in a vivid monotone color scheme are a brilliant contrast the simple, ice blue bedspread. Typically, authentically retro hues from the 50s and 60s are  richer, dustier tones, and while beautiful and stylish, choosing colors like these could make your design seem a little too much like living in a time capsule. To update the look, choose similar colors in brighter tints that feel more in sync with modern styles.

That about wrap’s up Part III of Mid Century Decor 101, and finishes up this style guide! We hope you enjoyed these articles and are ready to bring some retro vibes into your home. Check out our future style guides and articles for more Mid Century designs and ideas.

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