Mid Century Decor 101: Part II


Welcome to Part II of Mid Century Decor 101! Here, we’ll go over how to create a beautiful and tasteful retro inspired look for you dining room. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Retro Dining

Mid Century styles were never about stiff formality, so think light and airy for your dining space. Natural oak and walnut wood finishes capture the period’s dedication to transparent and unadorned materials. It’s about showing off the simple and elegant artistry of your dining set’s craftsmanship and design. Neutral tones maintain a classic look that will last for years to come. Add colorful accessories, vases and dinnerware for a fun and festive spin that expresses your personal taste.


The Mid Century style is easily dressed up or down, but never takes itself too seriously. Using contemporary accessories like hand-made pottery with a variety of textures and rustic glazes is a beautiful way to offset the retro vibe and introduce Mid Century designs to modern life. A limited color palette including gray-blues, navy, creams and beige can imbue your dining room with a sense of elegance without being too dramatic and staying true to the original vintage design.



If you prefer a casual dining space, Mid Century style lends itself well to the vibrancy and livability of everyday life. A soft, textured rug and over-sized bowls and vases bring a playful air to the space that cultivates family gatherings and talkative dinners. An abundance of warm, natural wood finishes and textures come together to create a welcoming environment.


Looking for an easy yet bold color scheme? Try using different shades and varying hues of primary colors. They immediately coordinate and complement each other, offering a bright and sunny look. In the accessories and dinnerware pictured to the left, instead of using strictly red, yellow and blue objects, the look is softened by replacing red with orange, and picking shades of yellow and blue that aren’t too distracting or loud.


Style Elements

Let’s break down the style a little and explore how to piece together your perfect Mid Century inspired dining room.

Dining Set


A  dining set is the stunning center of your dining room, and for good reason! Show off your preference for minimalist style with a set that features angular lines and uncomplicated finishes. Sturdy, tapered legs and innovative contours will capture your guests’ interest and make a statement about your stylistic sensibilities without being overpowering. Host gatherings and occasions with your unique flair!

Dining Chairs


Consider opting for a darker walnut finish in lieu of the natural oak for your dining set and/or chairs. The walnut is a rich tone that matches an array of color palettes. Whatever color scheme you choose, they will undoubtedly pop with a wood finish like this, providing a lovely contrast.



Accessory Choices

light Gone are stuffy and crystal encrusted chandeliers. Because Mid Century style in a contemporary context is a hybrid of old and new, you don’t need to get a retro sputnik lamp. Unless you’re set on something truly authentic—you can find some beautiful renditions of the classic space-age design! If you want something more modern, try something like this geometric hanging fixture. While it isn’t an outright 50s style, the light’s minimal design is right at home in a Mid Century inspired space.



Further customize your look with minimalist and naturally inspired  table centerpieces. It’s totally okay to mix vintage and modern accessories to your specific taste. These stoneware vases feature a blended organic and uncomplicated look that speaks to Mid Century abstraction as well as contemporary style. For your Mid Century dining room, go minimal with your flower arrangements, too. Fresh greens are more fashionable than bright blooms. Try a couple of large leaves in a tall vase or short, textured herbs for a simple yet dramatic arrangement.

That concludes Part II of Mid Century Decor 101, and we hope you gleaned some useful tips and ideas for your dining room! We’re not quite done yet; the next and final posting will cover bedroom decorating.

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