Mid Century Decor 101: Part I


Elements of Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern design manifested as a significant split from traditional furniture and architectural styles consistent throughout  decades, and even centuries, before. Heavy woods and ornate embellishments made way for light design, natural materials, and clean lines.  The phrase “less is more” certainly rings true. Mid Century architects were inspired by the outdoors, creating open plan homes with large windows for ample natural light. Furniture was sleek and simple, taking cues from the progressive, space-age hype. Today, these designs have become timeless, resonating with contemporary trends. In this three part post, you’ll discover how to create a retro style that meshes with your modern life.

A Mid Century Living Room

In this first post, we’ll discuss how to fuse your contemporary living room with a fun, vintage air!


One of the reasons Mid Century aesthetics are so popular today is the movement’s ability to withstand  the test of time and influence modern designs. We still associate clean lines and sleek finishes with cutting edges style trends. To give your space a Mid Century vibe, choose low to the ground, stream-lined furniture with no extra frills. A splash of color will liven up the room, but choosing trending hues will keep your style from looking dated.

Sofa or Sectional Groups


Mid Century furniture was anything but big and bulky, so going with a smaller sofa or sectional is apropos. This sleek sectional group pictured above is  the perfect solution, combining retro sensibilities with a modern twist. Pieces like this are easy to arrange and rearrange to fit the needs of your space. The fresh, charcoal linen upholstery is also a great option–it’s neutral, versatile, and striking. The fabric simultaneously updates the vintage look without distracting from the furniture’s design. Retro styles like this were meant to emphasize the experience of everyday life, not slow down livability with fancy ornamentation and expensive materials.

Coffee Table


As the center of your living room, making your coffee table a statement piece is a fantastic way to set the tone the entire style together. And this fun coffee table is full of Mid Century style, from its lacquer finish to its thin, natural oak  wood tipped legs. If you want to go bold, try out one of these coffee tables in an unexpected, eye catching color; it’s a fun and easy way to create a unique and playful sense of liveliness in your space. Add a few sleek and simple yet bright accessories to tie in your accent hues and overall color scheme. Remember, when decorating the surface of your coffee table, it’s important to place objects in odd numbers–three is just right! To achieve a balanced look and visual interest, pick items that vary in height and set in them a pyramid composition.


Mid Centurylamp inspired accessories will complete your retro design! Not only is a floor lamp convenient and functional, it can add a fun flare to the space. The minimalist design and dark metal finish will bring a vintage feel and authentic materials into your living room while still reflecting a contemporary trend. This lamp features three adjustable lights, adding to the retro vibe and creating a casual, almost industrial touch.

 With influential artists liartke Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol at the peak of their prominence, Mid Century art was expressive, eye-catching and abstract. Artistic political and cultural commentary aside, these artists changed the way we perceive art and non-representational paintings that diverse textures and colors are alive and well today. Feel free to choose pieces that incorporate your color palette.

Bringing Mid Century elements into your contemporary home can have a beautiful and timeless effect.  It’s not often a style proves itself relevant through decades of changing trends, staying popular and cutting edge. How will you style this retro look in your living space?

Stay tuned for the upcoming Part II, where we’ll explore how to achieve the Mid Century Living look in your dining space.

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